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“If you think you’re defeated, you’re right; change your mind and the heart of victory will follow.”
– Bobby Whisnand 


With a diverse background in wellness, counseling, behavior therapy, sports, and sales, Bobby has used his multi-faceted experience to deliver high-energy and moving presentations to a variety of audiences throughout the US and Canada including American Heart Association events, corporate events, association meetings, medical conferences and symposiums, sports teams, and awards banquets. Bobby leads his audiences to build fiery momentum to seek self-improvement, become motivated for immediate actions, and to find the courage to change to get exactly what they want in life. 


BS Degree in Psychology/Biology from Midwestern State University

Published abstract in the Journal of Obesity and Eating Disorders 2017

Published article in USA Today Magazine, January 2018

Published interview with CBS Medical Correspondent Dr. Brian McDonough, Jan 2018

Global article publication for Polar Heart Rate Company 2017-18

Doctor and Surgeon Endorsed

Three years as a Behavioral Therapist

Community Team Committee Chair, American Heart Association

28 years in fitness


7 Books of Whisdom Motivational Series

7 Books of Whisdom is a series of seven books intended to inspire you to lead your mind, body, and soul on a journey of self-reflection, progress, and fulfillment to live your best life. Through quotes and lessons, the books provide direction, inspiration and practical steps to help you achieve the successes you want in your life — only defined by what you define as your own set of personal goals and aspirations. Each individual book in the series will guide you through seven components of success and will help you apply the guidance and lessons included throughout to your own life.


It's All Heart

This book will get you back in touch with the most important muscle in your entire body; your heart. With chapters like “Wait Management”, “Size Matters”, and “Mobility is the Real Gold”, you will learn that a healthy heart goes well beyond exercise and eating right. Bobby shows readers that having a healthy heart is as much about what you think, as it is about what you do.


A Body to Die For: The Painful Truth About Exercise

We’ve all been told that exercise is one of the biggest keys to a long and healthy life. This is true, but only if it’s being done in healthy ways. In his second book, Bobby explains in detail how many of todays exercise programs and instruction is causing much more harm than good. With chapters titled “Pumping Irony”, “Muscle or Madness”, and “Built in America; a failing joint effort”, Bobby clearly exposes the many harmful and painful side effects caused by abusing the body with exercise.


12 Rounds: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Better Life 

In this first version of 12 Rounds, you will get “A Day To Day Guide To A Better Life” and 12 Rounds Workout. You will be prompted throughout your daily guide to use your 12 Rounds workout where you will follow a pre-written workout for 12 full weeks. This workout was designed to be done with gym equipment so make sure you have access to a gym.


Fitness Frauds: Exposing the Truth About

Drugs, Lies, and Flex Appeal

The multi-billion-dollar fitness industry is bulging with lies and empty promises, and the unhealthy secrets are about to be revealed. In Fitness Frauds, author Bobby Whisnand pulls no punches as he takes aim at the deception lurking behind virtually every aspect of the very industry responsible for building authentic health and wellness.

This book reveals shocking truths about fitness instructors and flimsy certifications; the rampant use of steroids and obsolete drug tests; weight-loss scams that shrink only our bank accounts; and the food industry’s cryptic and misleading labels. The revelations will change the way clients interact with their trainers and the way consumers everywhere view the latest ”get-fit-quick” schemes and decide what to put on their plates.

Fitness Frauds is filled with thought-provoking anecdotes and eye-opening statistics that drive home Whisnand’s point: The fitness industry is grossly out of shape, and a lesson on integrity is long overdue.

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