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Wellness Workshop + Keynote

Bobby combines his most popular presentations into an exciting two-part speaking event.

It all starts with an informative, fun, and interactive wellness workshop where he clears up the many misconceptions about healthy eating and exercise.  After that, he ramps things up with a Keynote presentation on how to develop a powerful and confident mindset by making stronger commitments, setting better goals, and managing stress to achieve our best lives. These presentations can be done on the same day, back-to-back days, or as stand-alone presentations.

Presentation 1 - Wellness Workshop
Making Wellness Fit for Life; The Blueprint to Perpetual Health!

It’s no great secret that wellness is our most valuable commodity, and although we all want it, our efforts and good intentions to improve our health often seem to fall short, but why? Bobby delivers a high-energy, informative, and eye-opening presentation on how we can make wellness fit better than ever before in our corporations and in our personal lives by showing exactly what true wellness should be, and most importantly, what it isn’t. Through fun and hands-on audience interaction, Bobby clears up the many misconceptions about healthy eating and exercise, teaches how to manage emotions and expectations in wellness, and leads everyone down a path to a more confident, healthier, longer life.


True Wellness: What It Is — and Isn’t


Wellness is easy for some, almost an allergy to others, with a whole lot of people in between who could take it or leave it, but no matter one’s level of interest in obtaining greater health, Bobby uses his 30 years of experience in the wellness industry to paint a very clear picture of how to determine what’s truly healthy and what isn‘t.


Cleaning Your Plate


From carbs to Keto to fad diets, Bobby clears up the many misconceptions about healthy eating, and how to optimally eat according to one’s genetics, goals, and schedule.


Pumping Irony - Muscle or Madness?


Bobby gives a pinpoint plan on how to determine if your exercise routine is truly healthy, or if it’s actually setting you up for future health problems.


Wait Management - Managing Expectations


Bobby says wellness is 10X more emotional than it is physical, and that’s why he concludes this presentation by showing how to realistically manage wellness efforts and results, how to master the art of change, and how to keep our minds growing, healthy, and happy, regardless of what may cross our paths.

Presentation 2 - Keynote
Changing The Game; 3 Keys to Shattering Your Personal Potential

Bobby’s passion, humor, and real-life stories of inspiration motivate audiences to devote their strongest commitments with unrelenting allegiance, develop clarity and control to reach their most elusive goals, and turn their stress and anxieties into confidence and power. This keynote is the perfect compliment to Bobby’s wellness workshop, but it’s great as a stand-alone presentation as well.


Commitment: The Keys to Unrelenting Allegiance

Whether it’s our personal life, career, finances, or any form of well-being, self-improvement and excelling in a better life will always begin with commitment. Bobby tells inspiring real-life stories of “against the odds success”, gives pinpoint actions needed for committing to greater achievement, and gives a very detailed and strategic plan to fight through relentless adversity and win the life we want.


From Go to Goal: The Blueprint to Individual Success

We have the best intentions when we set goals but are we setting the right ones and do we have the right plan to reach them? Bobby shows his audiences how to avoid the most common mistake when setting goals, to understand why they are goals from which to start, and how to build a practical, realistic, and detailed plan to reach more goals.

Stress Management: Turning Anxiety into Power

Stress may indeed be a big part of life, but it doesn’t have to turn us upside down. Through self-assessment, proactivity, preparation, and embracing change, Bobby teaches how to turn the table on stress by using difficult and challenging situations as an opportunity to learn and grow.


KEY TAKEAWAYS: Powerful Mindsets - Confidence - Reaching More Goals - Managing Expectations
AUDIENCE: Corporate Events - Sales Teams - Management - Team Building
MATERIALS: Online presentation - Optional book purchase
LENGTH: 30 min - 1 hour
FEE: Upon request, plus travel expenses

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A goal is where dreams and reality come together; it’s up to you to arrange the meeting.

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I highly recommend having Bobby speak at your college, university, business, or corporation to educate your staff towards a healthier and productive lifestyle.

– Dr. J. Greenwood

Midwestern State University


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